British Journal of Photography
Charlie Hebdo vigil Think IAFOR
Jean_Rhys with_Mollie_Stoner,Velthams,1970s
Professor Svetlana Ter-Minasova (Moscow State University, Russia). Photography by Thaddeus Pope
Marshall Herff Applewhite heaven's gate
Writing Multicultural America: The Powers of Canon and Ethnicity - A. Robert Lee
Prof. Myles Chilton Global English
The Enola Gay and USAF Operations Order No. 35.
Revolution, Transformation and Utopia: The Function of Literature - Bill Ashcroft
Dr. Joseph Haldane discusses with Prof. Jiro Takai the merits behind a variety of strategies and methods used in conflict management.
Prof. Donald E. Hall - Queer Studies
New Directions in Japan under the Abe Government: Constitution, Defence and Nationalism – Prof. J.A.A. Stockwin
Ken Wilson is a teacher trainer, and an author of a large amount of ELT materials, and has published with OUP, Cengage and Macmillan. Photography by Thaddeus Pope
Cultural Studies as Activist Scholarship with Professor Baden Offord
Marjo Mitsutomi is multilingual, and Professor and Executive Director of the Language Education Institute (LEI) at Osaka Gakuin University, Japan.
Corporate Governance & Culture in Japan - Nicholas Benes