Quay with Men Unloading Sand Barges-Vincent van Gogh-1888
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The House of Wisdom Interdisciplinarity in the Golden Age of the Arabic Empire Suzi Elhafez Jorg Reuter
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Long Elegiac Shadows Oliver Hadingham
Damballah_La_Flambeau_Hector_Hyppolite André Breton Surrealism: A Global Cultural Movement with Local Political Agency
A Gentleman's Education – Then As Now Oliver Hadingham
Dr. Brian A. Victoria Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies
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Salaryman. Nogi Syndrome, Workoholism and Karoshi. THINK IAFOR
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Writing Multicultural America: The Powers of Canon and Ethnicity - A. Robert Lee
The Enola Gay and USAF Operations Order No. 35.
New Directions in Japan under the Abe Government: Constitution, Defence and Nationalism – Prof. J.A.A. Stockwin