A Robert Lee Vladimir Devide Haiku Award LibrAsia

April 15, 2016

The Grand Prize Winner, Runners Up, Commended Entries and the Guest Judge selection of the sixth IAFOR Vladimir Devidé Haiku Award were announced by Dr. A. Robert Lee at The Asian Conference on Literature, Librarianship & Archival Science 2016 in Kobe, Japan on April 8, 2016. An impressive 680 haiku poets from 60 different countries submitted to this year’s award.

Suraja Roychowdhury of the United States was selected as the Grand Prize Winner by Judge of the award, His Excellency Dr. Drago Štambuk, as well as by Guest Judge, Alan Summers, for his selection based on the theme of “Justice”.


Grand Prize Winner


sunny afternoon
a shadow
on the mammogram

Suraja Roychowdhury, United States



Runners Up


instead of moonlight
the bank commercial
at my window

Davor Marinković, Serbia


flowing river…
the spot where I poured
his ashes

Sandip Chauhan, United States


a morning’s labor
knead bread is awake
under tea towel

Harvey Jenkins, Canada


old house
a baby’s shoe
in the corner

Zlatka Timenova, Portugal


full moon –
foreign worker in streetlight
reading a letter

Saw Kee Wah, Malaysia


fresh grave
a thief took three roses
for a wedding

Ivanov, Belgium


spring afternoon
my hammock fills
with me

Rosa Clement, Brazil


snowflakes drift down
some melt on a hare’s nose
others survive

Juha Nikki, Finland


every step we take
we lurch against gravity –
walking miracles

Helen May Williams, United Kingdom


printed paper
thrown into the fire
black characters are gleaming

Nataša Ilić, Croatia





two snails
rightly divide
the grape leaf

Vitali Khomin, Ukraine


of bees –
the om

Lynn Tara Austin, New Zealand


dishes left
too many days
geckos in my sink

Gregory Lance Skala, Canada


ripe summer
a small waterfall spins
a single yellow leaf

Dubravko Korbus, Croatia


on a cold doorknob
I feel loneliness
behind the walls

Nina Kovačić, Croatia


start of spring…
the sky cracked
on the pond ice

Vladimir Šuk, Croatia


new moon…
I don’t recognize my shadow
after the first chemo

Maya Lyubenova, Bulgaria


black-and-white photo –
my father
younger than I

Pham Minh-Triêt, France


I read carefully
the moles on your skin –
Braille letters

Diana Teneva, Bulgaria


planned city –
roads run straight to the hospital
and to the graveyard

Ajaya Mahala, India


night at the morgue
a fourth isn’t here
to play bridge

Azi Kuder, Poland


summer has ceased…
twig of a weeping willow
catching a straw

Jasminka Predojević, Croatia


winter night
fleece lined slippers
still hold his shape

Lysa Collins, Canada


time of visit –
the old lady in her armchair
waits for nobody

Joëlle Ginoux-Duvivier, France


morning raga
a loud yawn
before it ends

Aparna Pathak, India


library silence –
her bite into
a Granny Smith

Gérard Krebs, Finland


first knock in
my moonlit womb

Ramesh Anand, India


poetic justice…
the antelope jumps
over the moon

Mohammad Azim Khan, Pakistan


all souls day
after the mom’s hard work
a sparkling clean grave

John Tiong Chung Hoo, Malaysia


her red socks dancing
in the suds

Ruth Powell, Canada


a holy service
in front of the tv set
a woman praying

Željko Funda, Croatia


new year’s eve
the attic mice nibbling on
my resolutions

Ljubomir Radovančević, Croatia



Guest Judge Selection: “Justice”


1st Choice


sunny afternoon
a shadow
on the mammogram

Suraja Roychowdhury, United States


2nd Choice


first snow
the red hat
of a refugee

Skaidrite Stelze, United States


3rd Choice


after therapy the same war

Lamart Cooper, United States


4th Choice


hallowed ground
so many ringtones
among the stones

Earl R. Keener, United States


5th Choice


war-torn city
all the coffin makers
working overtime

Barbara A. Taylor, Australia