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July 5, 2016

Aurora, by A. Robert Lee, is a collection of 100 images by recent Spanish artists, accompanied by 100 poems, all translated into Spanish. The full publication is available to read below.

Ekphrasis is a literary device in which a text responds to or describes another work of art, very often a painting or sculpture.

The title of this collection is taken from Galería La Aurora in Murcia, Spain. That is not to say that the images and texts in view are meant as some kind of catalogue raisonné for the one gallery: not at all. Rather they are aimed to suggest something of the span, the imagination, of recent Spanish art and holdings in general since, say, Picasso and Miró. 100 images. 100 poems

Aurora at the same time constitutes a work, a creative offering, wholly in its own right. Both image and text, indeed, can be thought Ekphrasis, the one form of expression intrinsic to the other, a fusion. There is a single page given over to a non-Spanish artist, Walasse Ting, to underline that Spanish creativity has always been amenable to other visual idioms and traditions.

I should also say that Aurora is something by way of homage to Spain on my part, the country in which I now have full-time residence. If a number of images and texts make reference to Murcia, that is simply because it is home to myself and Josefa Vivancos-Hernández who took on the challenge of translating the verse. Image, verse and translation, I hope, will be seen as seams in a working whole.

Ekfrasis es la descripción, en poesía o prosa, de un objeto artístico. Tiene como intención la captura de lo visual con palabras.

El título de esta colección tiene su origen en Galería La Aurora, de Murcia, España. Esto no quiere decir que las imágenes y los textos que se incluyen se deban tomar en absoluto como un tipo de catalogue raisonné de dicha galería. Más bien serían una indicación de la envergadura, la imaginación del arte español más reciente y, en general, de la producción artística a partir de, por ejemplo, Picasso o Miró. 100 imágenes. 100 poemas.

Aurora por sí sola constituye así mismo una obra, una oferta de creatividad. En efecto, imagen y texto pueden ser considerados ekfrasis, una forma de expresión intrínseca a la otra, una fusión. Se incluye una página dedicado a un artista que no es español, Walasse Ting, con el fin de resaltar que la creatividad española ha sido siempre receptiva a otras tradiciones y lenguajes visuales.

Me gustaría añadir que Aurora supone mi homenaje personal a España, el país en el que ahora resido. Si un número de imágenes y textos hacen referencia a Murcia, es simplemente porque en esta ciudad comparto un hogar con Josefa Vivancos Hernández, que aceptó el reto de traducir los versos. Imagen, verso y traducción, espero sean vistos como costuras del tejido final.

Image | Encaje, Obras de Alfonso Albacete

Writing Multicultural America: The Powers of Canon and Ethnicity - A. Robert Lee

About A. Robert Lee

A. Robert Lee, a Britisher who helped establish American Studies in the UK, was Professor in the English department at Nihon University, Tokyo from 1997 to 2011, having previously taught for almost three decades at the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK. He now lives in Murcia, Spain. He has held visiting professorial positions in the US at the University of Virginia, Bryn Mawr College, Northwestern University, the University of Colorado, the University of California Berkeley, and the University of New Mexico. His academic books include Designs of Blackness: Mappings in the Literature and Culture of Afro-America (1998); Postindian Conversations (1999), with Gerald Vizenor; Multicultural American Literature: Comparative Black, Native, Latino/a and Asian American Fictions (2003), which won the American Book Award in 2004; Gothic to Multicultural: Idioms of Imagining in American Literary Fiction (2009) and Modern American Counter Writing: Beats, Outriders, Ethnics (2010). Has also been responsible for collections like Other Britain, Other British (1995); Beat Generation Writers (1996); China Fictions/English Language: Literary Essays in Diaspora, Memory, Story (2008); The Salt Companion to Jim Barnes (2010); with Deborah L. Madsen, Gerald Vizenor: Texts and Contexts (2010); Native American Writing, 4 Vols (2011), African American Writing, 5 Vols (2013), US Latino/a Writing (2014); and, with Alan R. Velie, The Native American Renaissance: Literary Imagination and Achievement (2013). His creative work is reflected in Japan Textures: Sight and Word (2007), with Mark Gresham; Tokyo Commute: Japanese Customs and Way of Life Viewed from the Odakyu Line (2011); and the poetry collections Ars Geographica: Maps and Compasses (2012); Portrait and Landscape: Further Geographies (2013); Imaginarium: Sightings, Galleries, Sightlines (2013); Americas: Selected Verse and Vignette (2015); Password: A Book of Locks and Keys (2016); and Aurora: A Spanish Gallery of Image and Text (IAFOR Publications on-line, 2016).


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